Wedshadow – Week1

Prompt : “No more 500Rs n 1000Rs notes in market ?” what’s your take and opinion? Write your take on this news. 

Last evening suddenly my WhatsApp started to get flooded with notifications. When I opened the app, I read messages like, ‘watch news’, ‘tv dekha?’, ‘news dekho’ and some more messages alike from different people. Out of curiosity when I switched on the TV, our Prime Minister was live on every channel and I could see the flash posts on the bottom which read, ‘Rs. 500, 1000 invalid from midnight’ and more related to this. When I surfed through more channels I finally came to know that the Prime Minister himself was addressing the nation and announcing the ban on these currency notes as well as briefing the alternatives.

The government has taken a very welcome step towards surfacing of black money as well as to stop the influx of fake currencies. Despite repeated reminders and given multiple chances, the tax evaders have not well turned up to disclose their possessions. This currency ban is a step now taken to resurface those possessions which the capitalists have declined to disclose at all. However, everyone is surprised at this sudden announcement since there have been no reaction for anyone to look for any alternative at this juncture.

There are a few things which needs to be clarified at this very moment – Owing to this sudden ban on these currency notes, the lower middle class is going to suffer the most. The small business people have no clue as to how to cope up with such a situation and this has really aggravated the business this evening. With the sudden announcement, the poor and daily wages people with no clue about this, will not be able to deal with this situation due to lack of awareness. As a result, the few bucks they have at all is going to get spent the wrong way. No wonders if they are being cheated by the opportunists in terms of making right use of the currency. This step will surely enable the government to make the middle as well as upper middle class businessmen to disclose their assets now, however, in case of the corporate it is not going to do any wonders. The reason being unfortunately the money earned through unfair means have always being sent abroad in the form of foreign currency to a safer custody rather that stacking it all at their own places. The chaos that has followed the announcement last evening is not going to get over very soon and no wonder it would be getting worst from tomorrow when finally the banks are open for exchanging of the currency notes.

Today I came across people who have recently withdrawn large amount of money for occasions at home and now they are are clueless as to how they should manage it. Some even say that for the wedding they have already readied the envelopes with cash shagun and the caterers/DJ and all are to be paid in two days. These people are in a state of real mess at this very moment. Nevertheless, though this move by the government is a subject of criticism owing to various facets, but such a bold step on the part of our government is truly appreciable. We hope that the motive with which this decision was finalised gets a fruitful result towards making the country an example in the world fraternity to count for. We hope the government doesn’t leave any stone un-touched to make this move a grand success and the real culprits should not get a loophole on part of the system so they could easily escape the heat.



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