The Bench #FridayFotoFiction


The sun was playing through the grass, trees pleading for silence. The wind swayed them; between all this I saw the bench, in its natural home. The paint was old, yet the wood was strong, speaking about reminiscences that people had used it well. With it my memories rushed, both good and bad, making me think of things I didn’t do and how I wished I had. Longing to sit on it, I determined to make, most of my opportunities and my problems solve. Novel memoirs formed, as in the past and will always be remembered through memories held fast.

Words – 100 


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She makes me Happy


Heaving at my heart,

The happiness that I sense;

You and what you are;


You confined my soul,

Leaving me wanting more of you,

Taking to new pinnacles,

I find reasons to love you more,


You have made me happy afar all means.

Before you came, my tears in the midnight hour

Flowed like the mid summer rain.

Being lonely, I needed someone to love me

And hold me in her loving Arms.

With you in my life, I feel ten feet tall, riding so high.


I love you for coming into my life just in the pinch of time.

Today, tomorrow and forever you will always be mine.

You are the one I adore forever, holding close to my heart.


Thank you my love for making me the happiest man in the world.

We were meant to be one, for loving you is happiness;

Happy is your smile,

Happy is the light in two eyes that I love.

Happy is your brightness in my life.


This post is written for #BLOGCHATTER prompt: Because I am HAPPY

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Perky Little Chirpy

As the sun set, the westward skies got painted with blood red. Flocks of birds flew back to their nests, chirping in unison. Among the flocks was Chirpy, flying to her nest after collecting food through the day. She left her newborns in her nest which was on top of a tree located in suburbs. She was in a hurry to feed the babies with food.

The tree that had her nest was by the side of a not so busy road which led to posh houses inhabited by humans. It was Chirpy’s daily routine to leave her babies in the nest and fly towards the park in search of food. After a day’s long efforts to find food, she used to return before dark and feed her babies. Seeing her come back, the bird’s infants welcomed her with hue and cry and she passionately embraced them under her wings with affection. Her babies were too small to fly.

Chirpy observed few trees were pruned of their trunks. On seeing this, fear struck her mind and she flew back but she could neither find the tree nor her nest. The area looked so similar that it was hard for Chirpy for identify her nest. She started to fly around the area to look for her babies, but Chirpy could not locate them. She followed every passersby but she could not get find any sign of her heart pieces, her babies.

The tree that was home to Chirpy was cut off, without giving a single thought about the innocent souls that had made those trees their abode. The human race has turned so selfish that they have stopped caring about these innocent birds for which these trees and shrubs are more than just homes. A leap by the human races towards development made Chirpy and many other birds homeless.

Devastated by the grief of losing her babies, Chirpy cried continuously for hours which were heard from distances all through the night. With the uncountable grief of losing her babies to the selfish ambitions of humans, Chirpy shifted her home and she flew towards the forest in search of a new abode from the reach of human race and development that could bring again damage in her life.

The road that was once filled with chirping and singing of the birds became an abode of ever reigning silence. Only the sounds of horns were heard which humans called advancement.

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That Day

That day when you jumped and cheered aloud,

Oh Dad! It made me feel even more proud.

Because I knew the reason for your contentment,

You danced out of joy on my achievement.

I felt so happy, full of emotions

There was no limit to my celebrations,

I wish I could scream out loud in crowd

He is my dad and I made him proud.

That day arrived when I had to leave

Away from you all, I needed to live,

Your motivation that gave me strength

To survive the odds and move ahead.

Though you seemed so hard and tough

And tried your best to make us laugh,

I know you cried when you sent me off

But to give me strength you tried enough.

That day when you left us all,

We lost our shield that always stood tall

Against all odds that brought us gloom,

You were the guard and you never let us fall.

That day was the darkest, we lost our light,

The sky to our universe, the noble guide.

You will now live in our hearts forever,

And we’ll follow all your words that inspire.

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week –  THAT DAY

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Unlock your dreams #FridayFotoFiction

The road to success leads through many closed doors. We need to find the keys to open it which are hidden in our determination, grit and willpower. To proceed through the road to success, we need to be firm to achieve the goal, making it through the thick and thins; and this is possible only when we have a strong drive. To achieve success we need to focus on the goal and never quit. By doing so, we can get easy access to all the keys of those close doors and thus, nothing can stop us from achieving our goals.

Word count-100

This post is written for #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri.

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Reasons I am Thankful for being a Blogger #ThankfulThursdays

It was two months ago today when I clicked that button on WordPress homepage to sign up. I gave my blog a name, wrote my first post, and bolted full-speed ahead into blog-land. Wow.  To think that just two months ago, blogger jargon like prompts, link back, comments, sharing, might as well have been Greek to me.  I have learned a lot in these first two months as a blogger, and though I have miles to go, I thought I’d take the time to thank for I have been successful in blogging.

  1. Blogging opened up a door to a world of writing, without an editor to me. My grammar might not be perfect, and spelling errors, well they happen. But removing the hurdle of having someone change what I want to say a huge score!
  2. I have formed some valuable and fulfilling relationships thanks to blogging. I hear from people all around the world. Some are insightful, others are opinionated, but all are engaged. This feeling of connectedness is important to me in a somewhat disconnected world.
  3. Blogging is an economical hobby, one that fills time in a positive way. The coolest part is that blogs are like diaries, with your thoughts archived for life. For virtually no cost, I can look back on this post in 20 years and laugh or cry about it. That’s priceless!
  4. It won’t happen overnight, and it might never come to completion, but blogging puts everyone on the path to potential self-employment. The greatest part is that you can transition as slowly (or quickly) as you like.
  5. I live for creative vision; it keeps me young, happy, and feeling alive. From layout to imagery to I have turned into a quick thinker – someone who is willing to let the creative juices slop all over the blog.
  6. As a blogger I get to air my grievances publicly and have the world comment. This dialogue helps me blow off some serious steam.
  7. Internet is amazing. We have all sorts of information at our fingertips constantly. But the information we get from fellow bloggers? It’s beyond product reviews and four or five-star ratings on various websites. If I want to truly know more about something, the first thing I’m going to read is the blog post I find from someone like me.
  8. Shares. Engagement. Discussions that stem from the smallest thing that I thought were only something that happened to me. The outlet and the connections go hand-in-hand with every co blogger.
  9. People I have never even met sending me love and prayers when I need them, sending me emails and messages when they know I’m struggling, sharing the laughter and the tears. Friends I hope to one day sit down across a table, reminding me I’m never alone. The communities I have established for myself through blogging are without a doubt one of the things I am most thankful for.
  10. Blogging has given me a chance to associate my blogging life to LinkedIn profile which I feel is a very smart idea. Representing yourself professionally when it comes to the work you do as a blogger? Critical. So while I, personally, haven’t made mega-serious connections for blogging opportunities through LinkedIn, I have found that presenting what I do in a professional manner is a great way to move forward in the blogosphere. Of course, that has to be something that I want to do to begin with.

Blogging has been a real blessing in my life. I am so thankful to the collaboration that can occur, especially through comments.  So, please, if you have a tip to share from your own days of blogging or just want to say hello, do chime in.

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Love Virtually: (Loved the book)


Some books you just know that you have to read. Love Virtually was gifted to me by my best half. It’s a virtual romance that begins by chance. When Leo mistakenly receives e-mails from a stranger named Emmi, he replies–and Emmi writes back. Soon, secrets are shared, sparks fly, and erotic tension simmers.  Daniel Glattauer’s novel challenges a lot of beliefs about what makes a romantic relationship, and what our true needs are from each other. What does the “happily married” Emmi see in Leo, who is a total stranger she has never laid eyes on, yet who has become her closest confidante, knowing things about her which she would never tell her husband? Would their relationship ever survive a meeting in person? Are our words a truer reflection of ourselves than our whole persona, or can we use them as a mask to hide our true face? Built on the premise that attraction is more than skin-deep, the novel validates the merits of different forms of connection between people.

‘I’ve fallen in love with your words.’ I love how this novel starts. The tension is strong and builds as the book progresses and the relationship grows. Things start to become more serious, perhaps they do start to expect something from each other, and where will this lead? In particular there is the major question of whether Emmi and Leo will indeed every meet each other face to face. It’s a fun, modern and intelligent romantic read. It makes you think about how much you can really get to know someone through written correspondence. Before it would have been letters, here it is emails. But the sentiment is the same, and therefore it gives the story a timeless edge too.

I read the book in the course of a day. It took me on quite an emotional ride. At one point I was completely in love with the book.  I’m glad I’ll start reading Every Seventh Wave very soon, because I have to know what’ll happen. As a love story, it is very different from anything I’ve read before. I really enjoyed this book. It is definitely relevant in our time and age. The language of the novel is beautiful, the characters are funny and likeable, and the story is built up really well, with increasing suspense and frustration for the characters and readers simultaneously. Issues of fidelity is questioned, and Leo asks when is it cheating? When you exchange emails? When you listen to someone’s voice on your receiver? When you dream of kissing someone? When you actually have sex with someone? Most such mishaps don’t lead to friendship or even love, but soon such feelings are stirred for Leo and Emmi – “When an e-mail from you comes in, my heart begins to pound. I feel the same today as I did yesterday and seven months ago.” 

Leo wins my heart when he says “Write to me Emmi. Writing is like Kissing, but without lips. Writing is kissing with the mind.”‘I must confess I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book, but the easy, relaxed writing style, won me over pretty quickly. I believe this book will appeal to everyone who has ever tried and succeeded and tried and failed at the online dating game. You may probably end up inevitably feeling like you’re invading the intensely private and intimate liaison between two illicit lovers, but don’t let that stop you from reading what I consider to be one of the most cleverly written and incredibly romantic (despite the virtual settings) novels I have read so far.

There is a sequel to this novel, entitled Every Seventh Wave. You can follow the twitter account for the book @lovevirtually. 

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99 Things I Love

An exercise I call “Name 99 Things I Love,” can help you in all kinds of ways, too.  You get a sense of what’s important in life, where your priorities lie and what brings you joy. For a writer—of memoir, fiction or straight nonfiction—it can also help you find your personality. Your distinct voice. I keep this list on the wall by my computer screen. When I need a break from writing, it reminds me of all the things in life I take for granted. So, in a way, it’s a gratitude list, too.

1. I love the girl of my life without whom I don’t even exist.
2. I love my family, and everything connected with them.
3. Travelling, exploring new places.
4. Food, I am a foodie and I love to taste new delicacies and go places for that.
5. Spicy food, Chicken and Chicken Biryani.
6. Reading books, and I have a resolution to read as much books as I can, this year.
7. A good book, a cup of tea and me; ultimate idea of spending solitude
8. Tea is the lifeline, it provides me with instant refreshment.
9. Having a good and sound sleep; I can spend the whole of my weekends by only sleeping, but that doesn’t make me a lazy person.
10. Surfing through the internet, it keeps me up to date with the latest trends.
11. I love to Help others and this habit is what I have inherited from my father and the ancestors.
12. The colourful canvas of the evening skies.
13. Adventure sports, especially Skiing. Have done multiple skiing courses and wish to go for more with my best half.
14. Snowfall, the view of evenly laid sheet of white snow mesmerizes my heart.
15. Trekking through the terrains of Himalayas.
16. Greenery, and that is what makes me miss my home so much.
17. Music that touches the heart and soul, especially romantic and slow music and ghazals.
18. My job, and I feel proud being part of such an awesome organization.
19.  Learning new things.
20. Being optimistic.
21.  Old and evergreen melodies of Kishore da and Rafi saab.
22. Purani Jeans (radio show) on Radio Mirchi hosted by RJ Sayema, as long as she hosts it.
23. Her eyes that express a thousand things without uttering a single word.
24. To pamper her when she feels low and the smile that I bring on her face with it.
25. To wake up with her beautiful face by my side.
26. Teasing her with the worst of my humour.
27. My phone.
28. Photography, selfies as well.
29. Giving nice surprises.
30. Handwritten love letters.
31. Long bike ride with my best half, going places.
32. Enjoying paani-puri with her.
33. Walking along a beach bare-footed, during sunset, holding her hand.
34. Playing and dancing with her amid snowfall.
35. A long drive on a rainy day, sipping chai at roadside stalls.
36. Hanging out with friends and celebrate occasions.
37. Movies.
38. Holidaying in a foreign land with my best half.
39. Ladakh (the awesome landscape), Gulmarg (beautiful snowfall), Agra (Tajmahal) and Goa (Beaches).
40. Watches.
41. DSLR Camera.
42.  Gifting her a rose daily.
43. The sweetness of the language, Urdu.
44. Bikes, I am a crazy bike lover and so far I have changed seven bikes in last ten years.
45. A brisk walk with her everyday after dinner.
46. Cooking, and I would love to cook for my best half at least once in a month.
47. Having fan moment and a selfie with my inspiration, my motivation and my better half – you know who? She is Novemberschild.
48. Petrichor – the amazing scent of the soil after first rain.
49. Sound of the rain drops falling on leaves after a heavy downpour.
50.  Comedy movies and shows.
51. Swimming
52. KFC
53. Football
54.  Indian Defence Services, and their uniform is love.
55. Smell of pages of a new book.
56. Movies in the theatres
57. Flowers, they add colours to life.
58. Parajumping off a plane from a height of 35,000 ft.
59. Coke Studio
60. The Viral Fever (TVF) Videos.
61. Tom and Jerry cartoons.
62. Coffee at Starbucks with my best half.
63. Weekend romance and some good surprises.
64. Playing with kids, like a kid.
65. Flying around the world.
66. Simple dressing, a jeans and a t-shirt normally.
67. Ethnic wear, kurta pyjama.
68. A classy SUV.
69. A romantic candlelight dinner.
70. Going through the picture gallery again and again.
71. Winter season.
72. Falooda.
73. Fruit custard
74. Twitter, this is where I met the best half of my life.
75. Online shopping.
76. Blogging
77. Writing fictions
78. Maggi
79. The Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Mughal Gardens.
80. My school where I did my initial studies
81. Tea Gardens.
82. Darjeeling, sunset and the Kanchenjunga.
83. Lucknowi Shami Kebabs
84. Chocolate cake
85. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
86. Konkona Sen Sharma and Tisca Chopra
87. Getting directions to a place easily
88. A clear blue sky.
89. When she calls me by a special name.
90. When kids at home call me Chachu / Maamu.
91. My Tommy Hilfiger Backpack and Jaguar limited edition perfume.
92. My Twitter diary and the Red Ferrari Pen.
93. A beach facing house
94. My mom’s room where I spend most of my time at home.
95. My honesty and simplicity.
96. The first time we met each other.
97. Aviators.
98. India Gate, especially during Republic Day celebrations
99. All that which will make my “Mrs. Always Right” happy

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Wordy Wednesday #1

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday #1– January 2017 #BARWoWe

“I want to inspire people. One day I hope someone looks at me and says “because of you, I didn’t give up.” 

Who doesn’t want to inspire others with the good and unique deeds of themselves! We all want to inspire everyone we come across in some way or the other. But if we wish to be the inspiration for others, we first need to choose our own inspiration and inculcate their good deeds and learn their ways well.

My dad had always inspired me with his services towards the betterment of the society. He was a social worker and he did a lot for the welfare of the poor. His selfless service encourages me to give a helping hand to the needy. I aspire to take forward his bequest and expand the dreams of my dad.

In all our daily endeavours we keep getting inspiration from people around. While some among us get inspiration from their favorite stars, some don’t even miss to take inspiration from common people they come across daily. Anyways I think it is easy to get inspired but really hard to turn into an inspiration for others and to arrive at that stage we should do our deeds in such a special and positive way that it can leave impression on others to make them follow you/us.

“I think the thing to do is to enjoy the ride while you’re on it.” – Johnny Depp

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